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Nuestra Communidad.
Our Community.

This is our community page. We look forward to adding information that is important in our communities. This space is for you to tell us where you need  us to be so that you, your loved ones and/or patients, can have healthcare options.  

Reach out, tell us where you need us, send us stories and pictures and we'd love to hear from you. 

We want to start by sharing our catalyst with you 


Egality was started because our CEO and founder's brother, Marco, was diagnosed with cancer in March 2021. Living in a large city without insurance,  there were no clinical trials available in the area that could be considered as options for treatment and care.  It took Yvonne several healthcare professionals to find the right care.  It was at this point that Egality Sciences, LLC was started with the goal to help physicians as well as patients, like her brother, have access to the latest clinical medicines available as a potential treatment.  Our goal is to help physicians and patients alike. When small underserved communities are represented in clinical trials and in the development of medicines, we all win.

Llamada a la acción
Call to Action

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