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At Egality Sciences, we are passionate about ensuring
proper inclusion and representation in medicines development
because this is one of many ways to contribute towards the elimination of health equity gaps in communities throughout the United States.

We empower trusted community leaders by helping address barriers and challenges unique to their communities.



Egality Sciences provides a wide variety of services depending on the community need.

Overall, we are here for business management consulting in the field of clinical trials. We contribute to planning, supervision services, regulatory submission management, and provide implementation of quality management services to ensure every site has what they need to succeed in conducting clinical trials , including decentralized clinical trials. 

The Egality Sciences’ team comprises of subject matter experts who have been in the clinical research and development industry for over 20 years. 


We pride ourselves on connecting those serving the underrepresented communities with drug development pharmaceutical and/or medical device companies and clinical research organizations throughout the United States. 

To empower community leaders who aspire to address their communities’ barriers and challenges. 
We diligently streamline these operations to ensure long term success. 

Our Focus

Our Goals

Enable trusted leaders of underrepresented and underserved communities who are trying to achieve greater health equity

Build educational material to confront misconceptions and bias against running trials in small and rural communities

Bring gold standard clinical research to small and rural communities for those that cannot travel to take advantage of these opportunities

Develop and execute strategies to enable medical leaders who want to be involved in clinical research

Educate underrepresented and underserved communities about the availability of clinical research as a supplemental healthcare option



Create solutions for underserved and underrepresented communities that minimize barriers to the medicines development industry and empower small and rural communities who want to address health equity challenges and bring change. 


Narrow the health equity gap in ALL underserved and underrepresented groups

Checking Blood Pressure


To elevate ALL underserved and underrepresented communities because we are passionate about ensuring everyone has healthcare egality, or equal access to healthcare


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